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Across Generations Faith is excited to introduce the newest phase of our program - Mentoring! In this modern approach, you can benefit from the wisdom and expertise of Rev. William D. Watley, Ph.D, and other occasional elder statespersons who will share their stories, offer career advice, and provide tangible takeaways to help build your resource library and your confidence.

With a different theme for each month of program, you have the chance to learn from experienced pastors in a variety of ministry contexts with a wide range of experience. We have several options for participating in this program, which provides greater flexibility for your schedule.

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  • Monthly live meetings on Zoom with Dr. Watley and occasional guest mentors, that include:


                 1. engagement activities through our online forum - have special topic discussions, share                                   articles and book recommendations, take advantage of real tools and resources


                  2. Gather to ask questions and pose challenges.

                  3. Receive innovative, in-depth guidance from Dr. Watley and occasional guest mentors


                          4. Benefit from peer mentoring across the group; learn with each other and from each other!

What's Included?

Our clergy mentoring program provides 6 months of engagement and connection with Dr. Watley, a selection of real tools and resources, and the flexibility to carve your ministry mentoring path in the way that best suits YOU. Membership in the 2023- 2024 cohort includes all the benefits listed above from September through February, along with an in-person retreat in March 2023. The retreat will allow elder statespersons and young pastors to worship and exchange ideas while contributing to each other’s growth and understanding.


Mentee registration is only $500 every 6 months- Active membership required. See details and register below.


Mentoring Power Hours

Each Mentoring Power Hour is a 60 minute session providing an opportunity for a limited number of pastors to hear from an experienced pastor as “mentor.”  Mentoring Power Hours are designed to respond to the need for pastors to hear from exemplar pastors while providing an option for this need to be met without being a part of a formal mentoring cohort experience.



All clergy who are currently pastoring or interested in pastoring are welcome! This includes seminary students, early career pastor (0 to 14 years); "seasoned" pastors (15 -20 plus years in parish ministry).

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Experience biblical community, grow spiritually and make some friends along the way.

Small groups are one of the key ways we develop a growing relationship with God, with others, and with the vision that God has for your life! Whether you’re a new believer, new to COMMUNITY or are looking to deepen your faith and leadership potential, we have a group for you. Groups meet online and usually consist of less than 15 people. Not sure where you stand? Begin by choosing the statement below that you best identify with. There is no right or wrong choice – each person’s journey is unique! Fill out the form below and choose your Mentoring Path! We look forward to you becoming a part our online family!

Membership Information

This membership will help you:

Learn valuable lessons on vision and reap wisdom from pastors who have been successful in their ministry and call.

Have a consistent personal growth plan that includes leadership development and spiritual well-being

Connect with like-minded men and women in inspiriting community.




Enrollment for Pastors/Clergy

6-month Membership

  • Monthly Mentoring Sessions

  • Podcast

  • Book Discounts

  • Private sessions with exemplary pastors

Enrollment For Congregational Leaders
Coming Soon!

     Group Think Tanks

  • En​roll your church leader group (up to 20 people) in our Virtual, Small Group Think Tanks,  3 times per year! Sessions include:

    • Congregational Growth Resources​

    • Book Discounts

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